Tegan Quin (yes, my celebrity crush) told me if you dress like a teenage boy you pretty much never age. So I guess i’m going to look 12 for most of the rest of my life. Great.

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"yes, my celebrity crush"

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Tegan: I’m not gonna compare myself to Jimi Hendrix! For the people that don’t know the difference between us, that was Sara that said that. For when you put it on your tumblr. ‘Canadian pop duo compares themselves to Jimi Hendrix…’
Sara: NO! God! TEGAN!
Tegan: Guys take a second, tweet that while we’re waiting. @teganandsara is our twitter handle!

Canadian Pop Duo compare themselves to Jimi Hendrix. (x)

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screenshot from Backstage at 2014 CBC Music Festival  (x)

Tegan and Sara being all cutie pie together *-* 

I really love their smiles.

230 plays Light Up (Layered) Tegan And Sara Sainthood


Tegan and Sara- Light Up (Layered)

The left ear comes a couple of seconds before the right ear causing a sort of layered effect. Make sure you use headphones!

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Tegan wearing a fan’s hat during Closer (x)


why havent tegan and sara been nominated for the ice bucket challenge

I’m challenging them tomorrow with a friend! Haha we just decided today.